Big or small, commissions are a great way to get exactly what you need for a particular space. I can only take a limited number of commissions, please contact me for availability.


  1. Contact me! Clients typically share a picture of their space, pieces they like, or other inspiration photos.

  2. We'll discuss options for size and materials that will get you the look you want for your budget. 

  3. Once you decide on an option, a 20% deposit is due before work can begin. This amount goes towards the final purchase of your piece, but is non-refundable. 

  4. The first step will be fine tuning the color palette. I will develop a palette and share it with you for feedback.

  5. The next step for larger or more complex pieces is a mockup of the composition. This is a loose rendering of what the larger piece will look like so you can get an idea of the direction I'm heading in.

  6. From there I'm happy to send you work-in-progress photos until the work is completed. At that point I'll sent you detailed photos (or video on request) to make sure you like the piece.

  7. The remaining 80% of the payment is due prior to shipping.

  8. Delivery!